We offer these massages


The moments spent during erotic massage are among the most pleasant moments. Erotic massage relieves stiff muscles, detaches the mind from everyday worries and increases your libido. No other kind of massage will charge you with such energy.

As the masseuse hands begin to touch your entire body intensely, tension is released. It is entirely up to you whether the girl will be completely naked during the massage or what intensity of touches you will include. Let yourself be pampered, enjoy moments where all attention is focused on you. Your only task is rest and relaxation. After a pleasant agreement with the masseuse you can complete the pleasant time with a shared bath.


The moment the masseuse rubs the nuru gel on your body and begins to massage you, you will feel endless pleasure. You enjoy the changing intensity of the massage, even with your eyes closed, you feel all the folds of the flexible body of the person who touches you so sensually.

Tension is slowly leaving you, indulging in excitement and just hoping that this delight will never end. But then you will succumb. If you wish to massage only intimate parts, we also offer a penis massage.


Penis massage has a long-standing tradition based on camasutra, tantric and Taoist approach to sex. Unlike masturbation, the goal with tantric lingam massage is not an immediate orgasm and hence release of sexual tension.

It teaches to know its own body, develops imagination, harmonizes body and soul, and brings new feelings of touch and excitement. It is often seen as a higher form of meditation and is not associated with climax at all, but above all with experiencing feelings and excitement.


Erotic couples massage brings a whole new dimension of experience to partner life. Relaxing from the hands of our professional masseuses or masseurs will both diversify you, teach you to better perceive the needs of yourself and your counterpart, and help overcome the barriers that you might feel for yourself.

The purpose of erotic massage is to spread the wings of erotic fantasies broadly, to deepen mutual trust and intimacy. If this happens in your partner’s company, for example, you can leave the last phase of the massage fully to your counterpart. Our masseuses will allow you, if you wish, to experience a moment of culmination in complete privacy.


Do you dream of a massage from a seductive policewoman, nurse or innocent schoolgirl?

You can fulfill this dream with us. Our masseuses like to dress exactly to your liking and you can just have a massage and let your body and mind relax.

During the massage, the client can touch the masseuse again, so come to fulfill your secret dreams.


During a powder massage, the masseuse rubs a fine powder powder on your body and begins to massage you with it and you begin to feel endless pleasure. You enjoy the changing intensity of the massage, even with your eyes closed, you feel all the folds of the flexible body of the person who touches you so sensually.

The masseuse will massage you with her naked body and will glide sensually over you and bring you into ecstasy.


Enter the mysterious world of dominance and submission, which will reveal a completely different dimension of erotic excitement.

Our masseuses will lead you into the world of bondage, dominance, submission and S&M stimulation.

The essence of BDSM massage is absolute entrustment to the partner, both mentally and physically. Come and try everything.

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